Time Never Stops

As I was running today for one hour 

and my mind was wondering all over,

I was paying attention to the clock and how

It did not miss a bit. 

I would run faster and it just kept ticking. 

I would runner slower and the seconds kept going

at the same pace.  

The time just never stopped. 

And I thought, how so many times we try to stop the time. 

We get anxious about the future or fearful thinking about

Our past and to distract ourselves we eat, we drink, 

We play games, we try to have more or do more numbing ourselves

just to realize later that the time has never stopped. 

2013 Trip to Brazil

I am all for dreaming big and being prosperous. 

Having an abundant life with health and wealth.  

And I work and expect that in my life, while enjoying each second of it.

Success is not the end result. Its not a “one day I’ll have such and such and then I will be happy” type of thing. That my friend is wasting time. 

Success is enjoying the failures, the No’s, the disappointments and our achievements. Being present during the whole process and enjoying each second of it. Knowing that you were present for yourself and for your family. 

Being able to look back, and although you are older now, with gray hair and wrinkles

You don’t feel the need to go back to fix things up because you were present, and you did your best. 

Too often we blame time for not being Fair.

Why did it go so fast?

Why do they grow up so fast?

I don’t have enough Time to do such and such. 

We forget that time is just doing its job …. It does not stop.

The clock ticks one second at a time at the same speed for all of us. 

What matters is what you choose to do with it. 

How you use that time will determine how proud you will be 10 years from now. 

And how enjoyable will the process be. 

The clock is ticking, enjoy it.