Plan – DO – Adjust

Years ago I learned from Tony Robbins the “Plan, do, adjust” concept and the more i work with people the more I see how valuable and important this lesson is.

It goes well with this phrase:
If you keep doing what your are doing,
you will keep having what you have.
In order to have different results you must change.

But do I have to change completely??

Depends where you are in your life.
To some people, they have to change completely what their are doing but to many people that have started the change already, all they might have to do is to adjust.

Keep adjusting the direction of your ship until you hit the target.

A simplified version of my life changing experiences are bellow:

I had a job – liked it but did not make enough
Another job – made good money but hated it
Another job – Hated the boss
Another job – Hated the commute

Finally I decided to adjust

Started an mlm business – no money
Another one – too much hype
Another one – fake till you make it.
Another one – still no money
Another one – company failed
Another one – expensive products

I realized that doing another mlm would just be more of the same.

So I decided to adjust the direction of my ship.

Got a loan and started a traditional business.
Made some money;
overhead and interest were killing me;
Still had to commute;
Did not love printing;
Got tired of just paying bills,
2006 LA recession closed my business and I ended up with $100.000 in debt.

Moment of decision –
A- Start another traditional business?
B- Go back to an MLM?
C- Go back to a job??
D- Adjust my plan?

So I decided to adjust my plan once again.
And this time it worked. Yeyyyyyyyyy.

Lucky me?? No.
Lots of failing, hard work and adjusting.
but the message I like to place here is that:
Doing the same thing over and over and over again
won’t get you any where.
Don’t be afraid to change and adjust your plan.
Don’t be afraid to learn and research and
Plan -DO – Adjust until you do hit your target.

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Published by

Fabricio Nobre

March 3rd I completed 20 years in the USA. Why did I decided to move here? Because I did not want to go to college. Nothing against it but there were no profession, for me, worth 6 years of studying. In the US I learned about NLP (neuro linguistic programing), network marketing and eCommerce. **I fell in love.** NLP lead me to personal growth, reading and attending some amazing seminars. And network marketing has become my profession. I thought I didn’t like studying but I really only needed something that I would be excited about in order for me to invest the time. As Zig Ziglar said: Find something you love doing and you will never have to work another day in your life again. I am thankful for the last 20 years. For this country. For all the amazing friends I have. And for the path I found here. I thank God for guiding me and giving me the strength while away from my town, my friends and my family. And I am ready for more. I hope I can share some insights and we can do some growing together. God bless. Fabricio Nobre #MyJourney#MyPath#MyProfession#NLP

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