So sick and tired of being broke!

Does that phrase sounds familiar?

in 2006 I was paying $1000 in interest alone. Tough time.

Being broke was a part of my life. I was loosing my business, my apartment and my joy.

“I had had enough” and something had to change.

After setting down with so many broke financial advisors I decided to do it myself and to keep it simple.

First thing I did was cut off all extra expenses. Cable, coffee, weekend leisure, etc…

Than, with the help of a friend I started a home based business to make an extra $1000 per month to start paying the credit cards interest.

And I started paying myself first. That was a new concept and it made all the difference in my world. I spent years waiting for the perfect time to start saving just to learn that time will never be perfect. I used to pay the IRS first why not pay myself first. I started with $100 per month. Before I paid the IRS or my mortgage I would transfer $100 to my savings.

That gave me confidence. I had money saved and was never dried of cash again. Emotionally that gave me strength and hope.

If I could share one thing with you today it would be “Pay yourself first”. You deserve it.

13 years later:

My extra income became my main business and managing my savings and investments became my extra income and it became fun. I still pay myself first and today it is more than the initial $100.

No matter the amount, start today! Pay yourself first.

You deserve to be FREE. You deserve financial success.

God Bless

Fabricio Nobre


Published by

Fabricio Nobre

March 3rd I completed 20 years in the USA. Why did I decided to move here? Because I did not want to go to college. Nothing against it but there were no profession, for me, worth 6 years of studying. In the US I learned about NLP (neuro linguistic programing), network marketing and eCommerce. **I fell in love.** NLP lead me to personal growth, reading and attending some amazing seminars. And network marketing has become my profession. I thought I didn’t like studying but I really only needed something that I would be excited about in order for me to invest the time. As Zig Ziglar said: Find something you love doing and you will never have to work another day in your life again. I am thankful for the last 20 years. For this country. For all the amazing friends I have. And for the path I found here. I thank God for guiding me and giving me the strength while away from my town, my friends and my family. And I am ready for more. I hope I can share some insights and we can do some growing together. God bless. Fabricio Nobre #MyJourney#MyPath#MyProfession#NLP

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